Best Online Stock Trading Platforms

Best Online Stock Trading Platforms Reviewed

When it comes to choosing the best online stock trading platforms that are available to investors today, it is best to research the trading platforms that are well-known and reputable. An investor should never take a chance with some stock trading platform that nobody has ever heard of. There are enough risks in trading stocks and there is no need to make things any more difficult than need be. When comparing stock trading platforms it is often helpful for a stock investor to make a list of things that are important to them as a stock market trader. (i.e. cost of trades, stock research tools, ability to mobile trade, initial deposit required, etc…)

Popular Stock Trading Platforms & Services

Benefits offered by best online stock brokers:

  • Scottrade – Scottrade has been one of the top investing platforms online for years now and is a good option for most stock market investors. $500 minimum deposit to fund your investing account. No opening or maintenance fees are involved with your Scottrade account. Easy to open an account or transfer a brokerage account from another broker. Online trades are just $7 for stocks that are priced $1 and above regardless of frequency or your account balance. Trade options for just $7 plus $1.25 per contract for market and limit orders. Trade as often as you like without worrying about hidden fees. Easily monitor your investment account, research and trade from any Internet-enabled mobile devices. Research the stock market and get quick stock quotes. Stay up-to-the-minute with complimentary Dow Jones News.
  • E-Trade – E-Trade is another big player in the online stock market trading area and has been for over 20 years. Setting up an account on E-Trade takes about 10 minutes and you can trade free for 60 days. Easy, intuitive online investing and 24/7 customer service. $9.99 and less for stock and options trades. Over 8,000 mutual funds and 30,000 bonds available for trading. Innovative investing & trading tools to help investors make better trades. You get free independent research and a huge resource of investing information educational resources. Stocks, options, futures and Forex. Whatever you desire to trade, ETrade has you covered.
  • TD Ameritrade – Low, flat-rate $9.99 commissions for every online equity trade, regardless of account balance or how many shares you buy and zero maintenance fees. Trade free up to 60 days and get up to $600 in your account. Independent, objective investing research from S&P Capital IQ, Morningstar Associates, and ResearchTeam. Easy to use online trading tools. In business over 35 years, TD Ameritrade is a favorite among online investors.

The above online stock brokers are all reputable online businesses and have excellent reviews for thousands of stock traders. It is hard to go wrong by choosing one of best online stock trading platforms available and will make your future investments easier, more profitable, and more manageable than ever before.

Everything You Need To Know About Online Stock Trading

Do you know that there are 800,000 millionaires in North America and 98%of them increase or create their wealth by investing in the Stock Market? And the most intriguing part of the information is that 80% of these millionaires started investing with almost nothing.

Whatever profession you are in, whether you are in service, are a housewife bringing up kids, doing any business, you must know that billions of dollars are being made daily through online stock trading in the markets of the USA and the world. This gives you a chance to put some of this money in your pocket.

You too can join this exclusive league of millionaires only if you have (some) money to invest, earning mindset and the ability to learn and adopt the money making methods of online stock trading and investment decisions to increase your personal wealth.

Choosing the right options in online trading can find you the treasures beyond your wildest dreams and help you live the freest life ever.

The first and the most important step in making money through online stock trading is to educate yourself and acquire an in-depth knowledge of the subject that will not take you weeks to get through. Self education means investing in your personal resources. You are creating an independent and life-long resource for successful online stock trading.

Education will familiarize you with the basics of stock trading and empower you with some smart trading tricks and tips which will enable you to outsmart your competitors.

Education in stock trading enables you to understand the rules and laws of investing, the psychological dilemmas that often afflict the traders. You get a general knowledge of economics and how it influences the stock market. Education in stock trading will help you to remain out of the 80% of investors who lose their investment right from the beginning of the stock trading. If you want to be one of the chosen few comprising of 20% successful stock traders, you must educate yourself so that you understand the value of discipline, judgment and the art of online trading.

Learn the Basics of Stock Trading

You may have come across two terms, investing in stocks and trading in stocks. The two terms may appear same, but are not. You put your money both in stock investing and stock trading. Both ways are investments. You must, however, understand that investing money in stocks denotes long term investment, but investing your money in trading denotes short term investment. You invest the money in buying stock when the market opens and get it back with profit or loss by selling off your shares before the market closes. This is called stock trading.

A trader will make fast movements in and out of stocks during the course of a day, whereas an investor is in for a long haul. He is more interested in consistent growth and will wait patiently over a long term. As an intelligent investor in stocks, you must distinguish between the two goals. You should keep separate the stocks that you trade and those you invest in. While you are trading, you are interested only in making fast bucks. You are not interested in the stock itself. That means when the value of the stock is rising or falling, you sell it off, of course, at the right moment and reinvest your profits in next trade. In case of long term investment, you almost love your stock and understand its long term potential. You understand that the value of the stock may rise and fall several times over the term you hold it in your portfolio and you remain patient.

Internet has revolutionized every aspect of our life and business. It has facilitated trading in stocks online. A click of the mouse can fill up your coffers and even empty them. So you must learn the tools for online trading provided by your brokerage firm on its website. If you learn to use the online trading tools intelligently, making money online becomes a child’s play.

The next logical step is to choose your stock broker. Low brokerage commission is an important factor while settling for your broker especially when you are a day trader, a heavy trader or even a casual investor. But low commissions should not be the only guiding principle in selecting your broker. There may be several other issues like the speed of order execution, ability to contact the real broker when the need arises or customer service that play an important role in selecting a stock broker.

Online Stock Trading For Beginners Ultimate Guide

The development of doing business online has also simplified stock trading. Today, you can trade in stocks by using online tools. However, online stock trading for beginners can be cumbersome without firstly learning the skills. For those already in the trade, they would find buying and selling stocks online a much simpler thing to do. For the uninitiated, it is totally something they might not even want to try their hand at!

For you to deal in stocks on the Internet, you will need to have an online brokerage account. There are a number of online brokering firms with varying software systems designed for online stock trading. As much as this system makes stock trading a breeze, it has its own complexities. These are factors you must take into consideration. They are the challenges you must be ready to handle and tame along the way. Some online stock market software tools have a consideration for online stock trading for beginners. It is important to be very careful before you fully get into this way of trading.

The first thing to do after deciding to buy and sell stocks online would be for you to find a broker who has a provision for online stock trading for beginners. Such an online broker must be able to let you practice by virtue trading. This is usually done with virtual money, or play money. With a virtual account for such practice purposes, you will be able to slowly by surely understand the rudiments of buying and selling stocks online. This way, you will not have lost any real money during your learning stages. A virtual account is the ideal mode you can use to research. It will also help you get acquainted with analytical tools.

The steps to online stock trading for beginners

1. Define your capital

It doesn’t matter whether you are going to trade online or by way of meeting your broker the old-fashioned way, but every investment requires that you decide on how much you want to put in. Once you have made your mind up on how much you want your capital to be, it is advisable that you centralize your finance. This makes your investment transactions easier.

2. Which online brokerage will you deal with?

You must take your time deciding on which online broker you would like to deal with. It is important that you are not swayed by the fancy online advertisement. Some research into these service providers would save you a lot of time and money. The best choice you can go for is a brokerage that simplifies online stock trading for beginners by providing incentives such as an attractive package for beginners to sign up for. Most important of all, the online trading firm must be able to go with your investment strategy. It must be one that fits in your frame of things, so to speak.

3. Terms and conditions

This is very important. Before proceeding, please take time to read the so-called “fine print.” You need to understand all the rules that guide using the service you are subscribing to. This is a universal requirement although in many instances it is overlooked. Getting acquainted with these guidelines not only help you avoid later disappointment but also educate you further on stock trading.

4. Research and evaluate

Throughout the world, you will find plenty of stocks being traded on various exchanges. It is a good habit to get into “finding out” about every stock that you are attracted to. There are online tools and databases that you can use to dig into companies for information on their respective financial health. You need this knowhow, and consequently the information to be able to successfully trade in stock online. Financial news channels can be a good source for good leads, too!

5. Train yourself

It is to your own advantage that you teach yourself in the basics of your brokerage account software. Understanding the software you are using for your business makes work easier. You will not have to rely on someone to do certain things for you. Your brokerage firm of choice should be able to guide you on this.

6. Testing, testing

This is just a cautious way of safeguarding your investment. Your very first transaction must be small as they must be for testing purposes. As you learn the ropes and as you appreciate the dividends, you can increase your capital investments.

Overall, online stock trading for beginners can be an easy and interesting venture with the necessary steps taken before opening any accounts. Get yourself well-versed with stock trading terminologies, requirements and practices. A good knowledge on taxes is also essential. Some stock trading software can be helpful on this. There are rules that you must master and abide by. You must also be good at keeping records.